Broadening Your Cloud Horizons

Since I still haven’t attended this officially, I thought I’d share some personal thoughts on my recent move from VMware.

After five exciting years implementing and developing cloud technology at VMware, I have decided to leave, and join Stratoscale. Stratoscale, is a startup, doing some new and disruptive work in on-premise cloud computing. Stratoscale’s vision, is to enable an AWS-like cloud experience on premises, which can be easily deployed and operated. The product has matured quite a bit and deployed at a few leading organizations, but of course it’s a huge scope of features to cover. As a product manager I’ll be helping the company realize this complete vision. Quite a change!

I feel like that VMware had become a too big of a company, and had actually lost some of the initial agility and inspiration it once had given myself and others. It’s offerings no longer aimed at breaking new technology grounds, but rather, being able to sell more and sustain itself.

Personally, I see the public cloud market, and I truly believe that the current way people implement ‘private cloud’ must change. The enterprise should adopt “the cloud” but not in terms of where it deploys it’s workloads (in house or csp) but rather in how the enterprise deploy it’s workloads, and how those workloads behave. You can read more about this in my previous blog post, and be sure i’ll continue expressing is line of thinking in my blog going forward, so stay tuned.

As I started learning about Stratoscale’s product and some of the technologies it uses such as Openstack, I discovered another “gem” the company is building, not a technology but a content resource. It’s called the Private Cloud Wiki, and it aims to be a complete directory of all the knowledge that exists on the Internet around private cloud technology, strategy and best practices. There is a growing section on VMware vRealize, another on OpenStack, and numerous general topics like private cloud economics, planning and deployment, operations, etc. 

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