Here I’ve gathered some of the places that I like to get updated on vSphere, Cloud and Automation materials. Enjoy!

  • vCO Team – I don’t think much is needed to say about this great web site which contains pretty much anything that is vCO related. A real must for you guys trying to get a hold on automating IT operations, and vSphere.
  • Cloudy Automation – Adam Bohle’s Blog about vCAC, for those of you who don’t know, Adam is one of the people that were bought into VMware from the former company ‘DynamicOps’ a great blog!
  • vCAC Team – Zack Kielich’s set up a tween page for vCO team , with multiple contributors (might see some of my stuff there in the future as well) this is a great place to catch latest updates regarding vCAC
  • Yellow Bricks – Not much is needed to say about Duncan Epping’s great vSphere super-powers!
  • Virtually Ghetto – William Lam is probably one of the most passionate automation guys I know. Read well, and become an automation Jedi.
  •  Daily Hypervisor – Some great ‘first time use’ materials, and also advanced vCAC and vSphere solutions at Sid Smith’s site.
  • Virtual Jad – Jad El-Zein with his super vCAC posts will help you do things clearly with step by step and optimization guides!

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