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Enabling DevOps using vCAC 6

Its been a long time since I last wrote a post, unfortunately (or fortunately, i’ll admit) i’ve been working frantically on a very special use case for vCAC 6, using it to demonstrate DevOps scenario.
In this scenario, vCAC will be used as an IaaS platform to let Jenkins deploy a full continuous integration process. Building code, deploying it on a Multi Machine environment (a customer’s requirement). And generating a new build for QE to test.

In order to build this, I used some of the principles demonstrated in my previous article , writing a short code activity for a part of the implementation, while also using a new vCO plugin that isn’t released yet, and is actually in pre-beta phases.

The general description of this very interesting use case, goes like this:
1 – Jenkins requests vCAC to provide with clean ‘vanilla’ IaaS environment from vCAC 6, with REST API calls.
2 – vCAC then deploys , and runs a puppet command to install a CI night build on the VMs in the MultiMachine environment, as an “On” state workflow
3 – Jenkins executes a Multi Machine custom action – ‘Clone To Catalog’ after install is done, through vCAC API.
4 – VMs are cloned , blueprints are created, a new catalog item is created in ‘Night builds’ service
5 – Jenkins executes a final command, massively requesting the new catalog item for sleeping QE personnel so when they arrive to work at morning, they have a new environment ready for QA testing.

I believe a lot of organisations should adjust their development cycles to be efficient. This results in faster then ever time to market, and software versions being rapidly developed. 
DevOps is real, and cloud, is definitely the answer for it.

This is also a great example of utilizing the vCAC 6 APIs (which are currently in beta state) and maximizing the use of VMware’s main cloud solution.

Check out the demonstration video I made below, and be sure to leave any comments in the comment section!

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