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vRealize Air Announced

vRealize Air had been just announced at VMworld 2014 as a suite of new services that will be available in a SaaS model, this brings very interesting news to our customers.
vRealize Air Automation, is the name for our offering of vCAC-as-a-Service in a SaaS operating model. So Instead of deploying cloud management solutions on premise, you will now be able to consume vCAC’s great IaaS & XaaS services – As A Service, from the Cloud! I think that’s a good pun by the way.
So with vRealize Air Automation, you will be able to connect your private cloud & public cloud, both to a single seamless management platform, that you don’t need to deploy, just consume, off of a vRealize Air Automation instance located on vCloud Air.
Currently, the solution is open for beta registration at So go right ahead and register!

Currently, vRealize Air runs the latest vCAC version (not yet GA available), and i’m pretty sure that with vCAC on a SaaS platform it will always have the most up to date features, and capabilities of the product.  That way, you won’t need to upgrade your local premise vCAC , and will now be able to always have the latest and greatest stuff.

Personally, i’m very excited about this announcement and solution, and I will be actively helping promoting it, and get our users and customers to consider consuming vCAC on a SaaS model. Expect to hear more about my personal involvement on this great new platform soon.

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