Time to Take On a New Role!

I’ve been around customers & large enterprise engagements for about 3.5 years now (2 of them, currently with VMware, 1.5 with EMC) , deploying, architecting cloud & automation solutions for my customers to help them reach cloud nirvana. It’s been a wild ride, and now its time for a new path. Something different, with new possibilities ahead, and some very interesting skill sets.

I’m very excited to announce that as of today, I will be joining the Cloud Solutions Engineering TeamVMware, where i’ll be titled an Integration Engineering Architect.

In this new role, I will actually join the group developing VMware’s vRealize Automation Air (#vRAA, Hurrah!)  SaaS platform, helping them code some of the SaaS platform, and helping with the vCAC architecture required for this solution. In this role, I will also help building official vCAC reference architectures, and further help with solutions created for vCAC, whether they’re On-Prem, or SaaS based.

This team, works in some very interesting development models, including end-to-end DevOps continuos delivery, Cloud Circles development methodology and much more.

I must say, I find this role extremely challenging, yet also extremely fun! I think you should always pursue a great deal of personal development. Never stay in your comfort zone, always push for new territories. I know this is kind of a cliche, yet in these times of cloud infrastructures, it has never been more accurate. With things like vCO automation & network virtualization starting to pick up fast, you must always stay two steps ahead of the curve.

I couldn’t agree more with Pat Gelsinger at the VMworld key note, saying that the business should be fluid. “Liquid Business” he called it. I strongly believe in maintaining a “Liquid Career”. Always mix things up, change roles & skill sets according to environment variables, and never stay in one place. Don’t hesitate to learn and engage something you’ve never done before, it’ll help you learn new skills along the way!

I will keep maintaining this blog, and it will still revolve heavily around vCAC, personally I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading!

Yours truly,

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